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Electric Proofer Impex PF

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The electric proofer is intended for the final proof of dough pieces on the rack trucks before baking. The proofer provides automatic maintenance of the temperature and moisture of the working environment in the proofing chamber. Uniform proofing of dough pieces is provided by the air circulation in the working chamber.

Технические характеристики


Number of trolleys


Dimensions of trolley max, mm


Working temperature, °C


Air humidity, %


Baking chamber heating time up to 40°C, min


Nominal power consumption (2-4 trolleys), kW


Dimensions (2 trolleys), mm


Dimensions (4 trolleys), mm


Nominal voltage, V

3 NPE~380

Weight, Kg



Distinguishing features:

·        - The frame is made of aluminum shape and the body is made of sandwich panels.

·        - The inner frame of the proofer and truck limiters is made of stainless steel shaped tube.

·       -  All the elements of the steam system are made of stainless steel.

·        - Tubular air heating elements of increased power allow reducing the heating time necessary to achieve the required temperature.

·        - The water level in the steam generator is maintained automatically.

·        - Controller Atmel and sensors Honeywell are used to set and maintain the temperature and moisture.

·        - A special mode intended to prolong the life span of the water tans is provided.

·        - A special system intended to prevent water spattering and foam formation is used.

·        - Automatic maintenance of the water level in the steam generator.

·        - Wear electrodes are not used the structure.

·        - Two independent timers for proofing control.

·        - The proofer is provided with the water tans lock when there is no water in them.

·        - The structure of hinges allows adjusting the position of the door in terms of its height and fit to the door opening which excludes damaging the weather strips while moving the rack trucks in.

·        - Service zone up-front allows placing the proofers next to each other or next to any other equipment with the minimum clearance of 5 cm.

·        - It is possible to manufacture the proofer for 2-8 trucks*.

·        - It is possible to manufacture a pass-through proofer which provides a wider range of equipment placing.

·        - The pre-engineered structure allows mounting of the proofer in any type of room with standard door frames.

·        - A water filter for water softening is provided.

*Stainless steel floor sheets of 1,0 mm or thermo insulated floor of polyvinylchloride sheet 10mm, covered with stainless steel sheet 1,0 mm, with the ramp (optional).

Electric Proofer Impex PF - фото 2 Electric Proofer Impex PF - фото 3
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