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Enrober Impex EM-300

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The machine is intended for coating confectionary and partly prepared products with chocolate, such as sweets, zephyr, marmalade, sponge cakes, biscuits, gingerbread, wafers etc.

Технические характеристики


Volume of hopper, kg


The height of products no more than, mm


Nominal voltage, V

3 NPE~380

Nominal power consumption, kW


Overall dimensions, mm


Width of transporting belt, mm


Enrober Impex EM-300

The machine is intended for coating confectionary and partly prepared products with chocolate, such as sweets, zephyr, marmalade, sponge cakes, biscuits, gingerbread, wafers etc.

Coating is the most common way of covering products and it is not only delicious and beautiful but also prolongs the shelf life of the goods. Chocolate also has high nutritional value and is easily digestible.

The coating is warmed up with the help of the controlled air flow which prevents changing its natural structure.

The enrober in its standard mode performs the following operations:

·        - Full coating

·        - Top or bottom-coating

·        - Half-coating

·        - Removal of excess coating (by air blowing)

Control board

Distinguishing features:

1. Variable speed control of the conveyor wire drive.

2. Fast clean and change of coating due to the quickly removable tank, conveyor and driving wheel.

3. Variable control of air blowing rate.

4. Warming the coating by warm air which excludes the problem of overheating of the coating and removes the difficulties which are found in water jacket structures.

5. The whole structure is made of stainless steel.

6. Stainless steel wide-field protective cover.

7. Heated conveyor extension.

8. Two infrared lamps for easy start.

9. Adjustable distribution of the coating flow.

10. Mesh vibration is available.

11. Reverse rotary roll on exit from the conveyor removes excess coating when transferring the goods.

12. Adjustable depth of the dough pieces submersion.

13. Component parts are produced by the best manufactures: Mitsubishi, Lovato, STM, Wailand.

ITC "Impexmash", as one of the  options to enrober Impex EM-300 has designed a Decorator device to enrober machine Impex EM-300.
The decorator is designed for applying chocolate glaze to confectionery products. Glaze is applied in the form of different patterns. The decorator has the following advantages:
- easy assembly / dismantling without the use of additional tools;
- easy removal of the electric drive, allowing to wash the decorator with a stream of water;
- kinematics, which is not afraid of glaze;
- Needle cleaning system.
Enrober Impex EM-300 - фото 1 Enrober Impex EM-300 - фото 2 Enrober Impex EM-300 - фото 3
Акции и скидки


Кондитерский семинар от ПТЦ Импексмаш


19 октября состоялся очередной кондитерский семинар, на котором было продемонстрировано в работе оборудование собственного производства ПТЦ Импексмаш

на семинар


Участие в выставке Inprodmash&Upakovka-2017


С 12 по 14 сентября 2017 года в г. Киев проходила международная выставка Inprodmash&Upakovka-2017. ПТЦ "Импексмаш" является постоянным участником данной выставки и в ее рамках выступил собственным стендом.

Новая единица оборудования Дозатор-водосмеситель Impex DWS


с 01.08.2017 года ПТЦ Импексмаш начинает продажи новой единицы оборудования собственного производства - дозатора-водосмесителя Impex DWS

Кондитерский семинар от ПТЦ Импексмаш


22 июня ПТЦ Импексмаш собрал у себя в гостях представителей кондитерской и хлебопекарной индустрии Украины

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