Doughnut production plant

Turnkey “Berliner” doughnut production plant (equipment + technologies + recipes + ingredient suppliers)


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Turnkey “Berliner” doughnut production plant (equipment + technologies + recipes + ingredient suppliers)

There are 8 reasons why opening such a production line guarantees long-term success:

  1. New product for Ukraine.
  2. Entering this business is not expensive. You will need to have only 16000euro to open the “Berliner” production plant.
  3. Small production area.
  4. Highly profitable and quick to recoup the upfront costs. The recoupment of the equipment costs is about 2-3 months.
  5. Wide choice of places for selling the product. Shopping centers, cinemas, theatres, educational establishments, dealer networks, grocery stores, exhibitions, hotels, restaurants, cafes, markets, stalls etc.
  6. It is not necessary to have a large number of employees to manage the plant. 3-4 workers can easily service the equipment.
  7. Great demand for the product. New confectionery and baked goods are quickly accepted and are easy to satisfy hunger together with a takeaway coffee, they are also a wonderful treatment. This product is perfect for any age due to its soft and puffy texture.
  8. The possibility to constantly expand your product range. The variety of fillings, glazes and sprinkles allows considerable expanding of the product range. Service and package of the product are a real art, for example “DunkinDonats”, which are well-known in Europe and the USA.

What do you need to open your own “Berliner” doughnut production plant?

Step 1. Making a decision:

So, you have this perfect idea of opening your own “Berliner” doughnut production plant.

What to start with? Call us and you will receive all the necessary help to:

  • Choose the right premises for the plant;
  • Choose the optimal process flow as well as the right equipment;
  • Calculate the true cost of the product;
  • You will be able to observe the operating “Berliner” doughnut production plant.

Step 2. Complete equipment for the plant:

  • TTC “Impexmash” always has in store several different types of complete equipment for the “Berliner” doughnut production plant at its warehouse in Kirovohrad.
  • The types vary according to their capacity and degree of automation.
  • All present equipment manufactured by world-famous producers (Germany, Italy, the USA) and is characterized by high reliability and is simple to operate.

Step 3. Production start-up:

  • Technical specialists will start the equipment and train your staff to operate it.
  • Buying the turnkey “Berliner” doughnut production plant you receive the full processing technology. The technical specialist will set and debug the process flowin your enterprise as well as train your staff and carry out test baking.
  • You will receive information about the suppliers of all necessary ingredients.

Please contact us if you need help or have any questions!


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