Impex Drop-600S with cutting device

Dropping machine Impex DROP-600 is an universal machine for producing a large assortment of shortbread cookies, as well as brewed cakes (eclairs), profiteroles, muffins, meringues and other confectionery products.


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Automatic dropping machine Impexdrop is a multipurpose machine for production of a wide variety of shortbread, eclairs, profiteroles, cakes, meringues and other confectionery products.

Due to the flexible multistage setting of the dropping cycle and the option of depositing multi-tiered confectionery products the machine can produce cookies of exclusive forms.

Each movement of the machine can be changed by the operator during the process if necessary.

Distinguishing features:

  • The following functions are available: rotation of the nozzles, feed and automatic table elevation.
  • The machine is equipped with a multipurpose bin and a special set of stainless steel rolls which allow working with both shortcrust pastry and semi-liquid dough without changing the bin (shortbread, éclairs, profiteroles, cakes, meringues).
  • The function of automatic table elevation with adjustable speed allows depositing multi-tiered products, height up to 60mm, for example herringbone, multi-tiered rings, “sandwich” etc.
  • The machine is made of stainless steel.
  • Russian operator panel.
  • The machine has no mechanical switching devices and brake coupling, which provides its silent work and increases its performance reliability.
  • It is possible to change the parameters of dropping, while in operation.
  • Stainless steel toothed rolls provide easy work with various dough consistency excluding any slippage of the rolls, their erosion or wear-out.
  •  The basic model of the automatic dropping machine “Impexdrop”   is provided with the variable-speed unit for the belt, extruding rolls and table elevation which allows adjusting the machine for different kinds of products.
  • Due to the function of the return of the sheet to the operator the machine can be easily serviced by one worker.

The machine is made of stainless steel. Automation and electric appliances are produced by the following leading manufacturers: Mitsubishi, Atmel, Lovato, Wieland, Relpol, Carlo Gavazzi, gear reducers Motovario.


Dimensions of the bottom sheet, mm. 600*800, 600*400
Working width of conveyor, mm 600
Number of nozzles, pcs. 9
Number of dropping parameters (in 1 program), pcs. 14
Nominal voltage, V 380
Nominal power consumption, kW 2,1
Capacity, kg/h 130-200
Weight, kg 350
Overall dimensions, mm 1100*1375*1495



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